Probation Committee



Guiding and helping students who have missing courses to overcome academic probation and to graduate with best results. Enabling probation students to participate fully in the German University environment like a regular student, avoiding late graduation.


The Academic Probation Program at the German University in Cairo is a holistic approach designed to help students develop academic skills as well as effective self-management strategies and to encourage emotional development with the intent of promoting academic success with lifelong learning competences.

Academic Probation Regulations

Academic probation is a warning to the student whose academic performance is lower than the average standard set by the University. The student will be required to show scholastic improvement in order to remain at the university.
A student on probation status is not considered in “good standing” at the University, and eligibility to continue under scholarship or financial aid programs, to participate in extracurricular activities, or to run for certain offices is affected.
A student is placed on academic probation when he acquires a cumulative grade point average lower than 3.7 (D+) in their selected study program.
The academic load per semester for under probation student will be reduced in order to be able to have a better chance to improve their overall GPA, which may lead to late graduation for him/her.
A student shall be given two subsequent terms for enrollment on probationary status.
At the conclusion of the two semesters, a student who has not achieved a cumulative GPA better than 3.7 (D+) shall be asked to transfer to another university.

For further information, you may contact the probation office:
Ms. Dina Zaghlool;
Ms. Reham Farouk;