Student Curriculum Committee


The Student Curriculum Committee aims to provide the best possible education to all students. Committee participation will equip students with leadership skills, making them actively and effectively involved – as the main stockholder – in the enhancement of the education system at the Faculty.


Our mission is to maintain an ongoing continuous communication channel between students, teachers, and the Faculty management to use students’ feedback and suggestions towards the enhancement of the education process in the Faculty.


  • Equip students with leadership skills.
  • Enhance students’ communication skills.
  • Enhance and improve the educational process at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology.
  • Maintain a communication channel between Faculty, University and Students.

Students’ responsibility

  • Create a communication channel between faculty and students, as well as between students themselves.
  • Raise the awareness of the importance of the curriculum committee among their colleague students. 
  • Express their opinion and their colleagues’ opinions in new course or program proposals.
  • Express their opinion & their colleagues’ opinions regarding enhancement of running courses and programs.
  • Give an ongoing feedback regarding course content, teaching methods, assessment methods, etc. 
  • Evaluate and give feedback on students’ workload per course/semester.
  • Participate in comparative studies comparing their study programs to programs of international universities.
  • Participate in discussions concerning prerequisites, repetition and redundancy of courses or topics.
  • Express their opinion regarding continuous education.
  • Participate in the development of training programs that students need during their undergraduate studies.
  • Participate in suggestions related to internships and making collaboration with national and international institutions.
  • Participate in the selection process for hiring new academics.