Volunteer Junior TAs


The Volunteer Junior Teaching Assistant (VJTA) program allows students interested in academic teaching and research to develop their teaching and academic leadership skills, as well as training them as junior instructors in practical laboratory sessions of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology


The mission of the Volunteer Junior Teaching Assistant (VJTA) program is to transfer teaching and practical skills knowledge from senior experienced university staff to undergraduate students. VJTAs participate as junior instructors in laboratory practicals, supervising and supporting their younger undergraduate peers during laboratory work, helping them to comprehend the background of experiments, and to obtain best experimental results applying rules of Good Laboratory Practice.

Program objectives

  • Equipping outstanding students with the lab experience and skills to work as junior academic teachers. This will offer participants an additional level of training and leadership that is helpful for applications for postgraduate programs and scholarships.
  • Preparing top ranked students for the future career as TAs at the GUC.
  • Opening channels of communication between the academic staff, and teaching assistants in the different faculty departments and the students.
  • Motivating and inspiring students.
  • Showing the VJTAs as a role model for their younger colleagues
  • Selecting of competent students to engage in research teams at the faculty

Responsibility of the VJTAs

  • Helping the TAs in preparation of the laboratory experiments
  • Attending Pre-lab meetings
  • Helping in distribution of the chemicals and laboratory material during the practical session.
  • Attending lab explanations.
  • Sharing laboratory supervision with TAs.