Internship Committee


The Internship Committee aims at ensuring that the students gain relevant knowledge, skills and hands on experience in the field related to their future career.


The committee works with the GUC Student Career and Alumni (SCAD) office and relevant industrial, medical, research and other organizations to ensure that students gain all skills needed to prepare them for a professional career and give them a competitive advantage in pursuit of their desired job, nationally and internationally.


  1. Inviting leading companies and experts for workshops and presentations to familiarize students with job opportunities nationally and internationally.
  2. Contacting relevant national and international organizations to provide internships to GUC students.
  3. Ensuring that any internship is done in a field relevant to the studied program.
  4. Contacting the internship providers to follow up regarding enrolled trainees in their organization.
  5. Evaluation of the employer report the performance of our students in their organization during the internship period.
  6. Working with SCAD office to give final decision regarding approving or rejecting an internship based on achievement of the learning outcomes.
  7. Communicating with students whenever needed to discuss any concern in their internship.