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MET Stories

The one-day trip to City of Scientific Research and Technology in Borg El-Arabwas was organized and coordinated with Prof. Maha El-Damlawy, Prof. of Biochemistry and director of the City and included visits to different research labs and production facilities. Members of the trip were biotechnology students under supervision of Prof. Gad, Dr. Sahar Abdel-Maksoud and Dr. Iman Gomaa.


MET Stories

Applications of Biotechnology in Industry and Medicine – Future Prospects for Egypt” shows opportunities and possible careers in Biotechnology in Egypt and to open discussions about tracks of Biotechnology applications. The conference was held at the GUC on March 26th-27th, and was attended by Staff, some guests, TAs and students.


MET Stories

The DAAD invited Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abadi, dean of the Faculty, Prof. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry as well as Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Breitinger, Prof. of Biochemistry to deliver 2 lectures to the DAAD Alumni in Natural Sciences entitled: “Socioeconomic Aspects of Hepatitis C in Egypt and (Bio) Chemistry in Health and disease, major diseases in Egypt and Africa and new therapeutic options.


MET Stories

The National Committee of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, organized a workshop entitled “New and Non-Traditional Therapy: “New and Non-Traditional Therapy: Understanding the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Behind” in Heliopolis University on Thursday, 12 November 2015. Dr Mohamed Gad also chaired one of the sessions.


MET Stories

On 22.11.2015, PBT organized a workshop for pharmacy students entitled: “How to convert your idea into a business model. Pharmacy students are introduced to the simple technique of converting their ideas into business models or at least know what's missing and how to get on track.


MET Stories

On 03.11.2015, PBT organized a workshop entitled “Dimeric Strychnine Analogs as Bivalent Ligands Targeting Glycine Receptors”, as a part of the DAAD-BMBF funded project “Sustainable Research Cooperation with the GUC”. The project is a cooperation between research groups from the GUC and from Wuerzburg University.