Advising Committee



Delivering an academic advising program that is committed to excellence and seeks to foster and support student’s success.


Providing students with outstanding academic guidance so as to perform academically well, graduate on time; and to avoid them from getting into probation track.

Committee Structure

Head: Dr. Ragwa Mansour and Dr. Nadia Sharaf
Members: All academic staff of the faculty of pharmacy and biotechnology


Our academic advisors are committed to provide quality advice and support, meeting each student’s needs according to his/her academic situation. We provide academic consultancy for our students throughout the year. Every advisor is responsible for 4-5 students, following each individual case thoroughly. Based on the student’s history and academic performance, supported by a unique online advising system, a support program and academic schedule is established for each student, meeting his/her needs to achieve the aims and educational standards of the Faculty of Pharmacy.