Graduation Committee


The Graduation Committee aims at supporting eligible students to graduate on time through smoothing of all involved processes and revising all graduation official documents through effective administrative processes while ensuring accuracy, efficiency and transparency.


The committee works with all concerned academic and non-academic departments at the GUC to ensure that eligible graduates have fulfilled all needed requirements to graduate.


  1. Developing and implementation of all data resources that ensure the accurate delivery of graduation documents.
  2. Revise student full academic enrollment history, including grades, courses, earned hours, internships and electives (if present).
  3. Ensure that the student has passed all his courses with minimum grade of D.
  4. Confirm that the student has fulfilled all his assigned courses according to the study program.
  5. Revising student transcripts with final course grades and cumulative GPA transferred to the German Grading System.
  6. Ensure  that electives (if any) are presented in the transcripts.
  7. Preparing the statistics of the graduating class.
  8. Revising students Arabic and English Certificates.