• The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology was established in 2003, in accordance to the presidential decree 27/2002, by the law number 101/1992 and its executive regulations number 355/1996. Starting with a studying group of 200 students, now around 2000 students are enrolled in the undergraduate phase. The faculty is rich in high caliber Egyptian and German Faculty staff experienced in the educational and research systems in Germany and other countries, in addition to almost 100 teaching assistants representing the top graduates of the GUC and other universities.
  • In addition, PBT students are enjoying 15 lecturing halls that can accommodate up to 3000 students comfortably sitting including visual technology and high-quality acoustics representing outstanding facilities for learning. Moreover, more than 100 small class rooms for tutorials with high visual technology are available to accommodate up to 2600 students.
  • Sixteen undergraduate laboratories ’ with cutting edge technology, equipments and safety measures are the backbone of the faculty facilities. The laboratories can accommodate more than 800 students at a set time.
  • In addition to undergraduate teaching facilities, the faculty members in various departments are actively involved in research. A number of modern sophisticated equipments operated by well trained personnel are available for supporting such research activities in post graduate research laboratories.