Study Programs


The faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the German University in Cairo (GUC) offers a bachelor of Pharmacy and a bachelor of Biotechnology. The curriculum of Pharmacy is carefully structured to prepare graduates for both high standards contemporary pharmacy practice and the evolution of the profession. The experimental-based learning activities enable the students to translate classroom learning into real pharmacy careers to meet demands of the professions.

The main aim of the pharmacy program is to provide students with requisite knowledge, skills and advanced experimental training to be graduated as nationally and internationally competitive pharmacists with broad background encompassing many disciplines.
The employability of the GUC pharmacy graduate extends to varied fields, such as community pharmacy, hospital and clinical pharmacy, research and diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies (production, QA, QC, and R&D), drug representation and marketing of pharmaceutical products, academic positions; nationally and internationally, governmental and international inspection agencies, microbiological and biomedical diagnostic laboratories, food industry, forensic services, and cosmetic industry.

The Biotechnology program is a modern study course, covering one of the sciences of the future.The GUC has pioneered Biotechnology in Egypt and is proud to offer an excellent study program.Biotechnology at the GUC is designed after international programs, which complies with international standards and is accredited by the German Acquin commission.