Freshmen Support


The Freshmen Support Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology aspires to be the most effective supporting program that guide the students throughout the critical transitional phase from school to university life and support them integrate in the GUC community and adopt its philosophy.


GUC is committed to continuous and meticulous follow-up of students’ performance by integrating and supporting freshmen students via launching of the First Year Support Program to ensure that the learning process for every freshman student is running smoothly and preventing of any academic difficulties that can takes place as early as possible.


  1. Make the freshmen students feel supported and welcomed throughout the most critical transitional stage; that is the transfer from school to university.
  2. Make the students aware of the GUC spirit, vision, mission, values and philosophy. 
  3. Make the students’ experience in GUC trouble-free and flexible and offer them provision and encouragement.
  4. Hold a comprehensive orientation to freshmen students before the start of first semester covering all aspects related to the needed academic and non-academic support.
  5. Offer preparatory courses for freshmen to level them in basic scientific knowledge.
  6. Assign all freshmen students to their academic staff supporters (1 supporter for 5 students)
  7. Solve any issues related to first year schedules and resolve any oriented troubles via formation of the freshmen Students Curriculum Committee.

The Function of First Year Academic Staff Supporter:

  1. Help integrate the freshman to the university community.
  2. Help the freshman discover her/his weak points, and how to overcome the weak points.
  3. Encourage the freshman to join activities and clubs.
  4. Listen to students’ problems and work on solving them by working closely with the Vice Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of First Year.
  5. Diagnose academic problems of freshmen as early as in the first half of semester
  6. Diagnose integration challenges of freshmen in GUC community.
  7. Maintain good communication and understanding with freshmen with respect, kindness and at the same time follow strictly the rules.


The First Year Support Program is under the responsibility of Dean of First Year.

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