Quality Assurance and Accreditation Centre

Overview and Establishment  

The GUC Quality monitoring started with the University inauguration in 2003 when an internal quality monitoring system was implemented that includes procedures to measure the quality of academic programs, and guarantees establishment and maintenance of top quality education through a combination of self-evaluation and external reviews managed through the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center (QAAC).
The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit (QAAU) of the faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology was established as separate unit in 2013 and is maintained by staff members and by the Quality Assurance Center (QAAC) of the University.
The unit acts as a link between the QAAC and the Faculties in communicating and monitoring the quality-related activities. Employees were hired and as Quality Management Specialists and Coordinators for the unit in support of the academic staff members.
The Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to the highest quality and standards of its education through a system of continuous monitoring, review and evaluation of all programs. Internal quality review includes procedures to combine with external reviews of course performance. This is to guarantee that the quality and standards of teaching and learning at the program of Pharmacy are always kept at the highest level


The Quality Assurance and accreditation unit at the German University in Cairo aims at being an eminent quality center. This is achieved and maintained by applying the best international quality concepts, standards and continuous quality improvement related to all of the educational processes


In line with the GUC’s mission, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit (QAAU) intends to ensure excellence in teaching and research by adopting the highest quality curricula and applying the highest quality teaching, research and administration. This is accomplished by implementing the best international practices in the field of quality and establishing and diffusing quality culture and continuous quality improvement. The Quality Assurance and accreditation unit maintains the processes of national and international accreditation at program and system accreditation levels together with the processes of establishing new courses and programs whether academic or professional. It also assists in forming and managing different types of evaluation and gaining feedback from different stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of academic programs and services.


In view of growing concern about quality management and accreditation issues, and given the importance of quality for on-going value creation, the objectives of the QAAU are:

  1. To Gain the trust of the Egyptian, regional and international community in the outputs of the educational process in the faculty.
  2. To spread the culture of quality assurance and ongoing improvement among all Faculty staff.
  3. To support the process of quality assurance and accreditation, and encourage all departments to participate in all accreditation requirements.
  4. To support continuous improvement processes by directing the various development activities in each field to keep pace with quality standards.
  5. To establish mutual relations with quality assurance agencies and organizations at the regional and international levels in order to obtain accreditation for programs
  6. To cooperate and collaborate with similar bodies and stakeholders at the regional and international levels.
  7. To assist in building the institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.
  8. To apply the necessary mechanisms to achieve the effectiveness and continuity of internal and external audit systems.