Volunteer Research Assistant Program


The aim of the Volunteer Junior Research Assistant (VJRA) program is to provide students who are willing to pursue an academic or research career after graduation with specialized research experience. The experience involves not only practical laboratory experimentation, but extends to reading and presenting research publications, writing reports and sharing in logistics related to ongoing research.


This program allows top ranked students to participate in the research labs of existing research groups. Each PI or head of the research group will specify the number of VJRA his/her lab can accommodate and accordingly a registration link will be open to the students interested in academia/research to participate as VJRAs. Based on GPA and students’ requests, candidates are assigned to the research groups. The PI is responsible to design a work program for the VJRA, who is guided under the direct supervision of a PhD or experienced MSc students. A VJRA project is expected to last for 3 months or more. VJRAs will receive a certificate at the end of the semester certifying their achievements based on the supervisors’ recommendation. In case VJRA research leads to a publication, the VJRA can be listed as a co-author.