The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology aims to offer excellence in education and research via the following objectives and values:


  1. To provide high quality education meeting the demands of the national and international labor market and giving University graduates a competitive edge.
  2. To attract, develop, and retain highly qualified Egyptian and foreign academic faculty staff.
  3. To enroll qualified students to the faculty who achieve academic excellence.
  4. To ensure the availability of support services which are compatible with the students’ needs, interests and goals.
  5. To support community services and industrial cooperation in partnership with governmental, private and non-profit organizations.
  6. To promote and support scientific research of excellent international quality.
  7. To establish and follow a clear system for total quality management.
  8. To provide a distinct and secure environment for work, study and scientific research for both students and University staff.


  • Openness

We will be open, straightforward and inclusive in dealing with our stakeholders and  ensure effective communication both internally and externally.

  • Innovation

GUC has a creative, market-focused approach to its teaching, research and management   activities. Its performance will be measured by indicators of customer satisfaction.

  • Respect

All our people are fundamental contributors to GUC success. Respect and integrity are  required in our treatment to each other.

  • Truth

We seek truth in our pursuit for knowledge based on concrete scientific facts.

  • Teamwork

Together we can achieve more through participative problem solving, collaborations and partnerships, and soliciting new ideas.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness

Change and continuous improvement are essential to our continued success.

  • Diversity

GUC doors are open to men and women without regard to race, ethnicity or disability.