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Student Curriculum Committee- 11 years

post date: 11/2/2021
In   Academic, Monday, November 01, 2021  to Wednesday, December 31, 2025
On Campus - GUC

The faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (PBT) celebrates 11 years of Student Curriculum Committee (CC) activities and success. On 02-11-21, a ceremony of handing in certificates of appreciation took place for CC students who shared in improvement of students’ academic experience in the last 2 academic years. The dean, former and current vice-deans of student affairs and the academic coordinator shared in handing the certificates after a short speech, as a symbolic gesture to appreciate the efforts of students of all academic years. The student CC was co-founded in 2011 by PBT and the Quality Management and Accreditation Committee (QMAC) headed by Dr. Magdy Mansour and membered by Mrs. Manal Abdelrahman, Aliaa Elakad and Suzan Noureldin and the direct academic supervision of Prof. Mohamed El-Azizi and Assoc. Prof. Reham Abdelkader, head of CC.

For more information about the student CC, consult http://pbt.guc.edu.eg/en/student_support_development/skills_leadership_development/curriculum_committee.aspx