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Research Symposium on:"Novel Antimicrobial Agents: A Medicinal Chemistry Perspectiveā€¯

post date: 7/19/2023
In   Academic, Tuesday, August 01, 2023
On Campus - H13

The faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology is pleased to host a Research Symposium on"Novel Antimicrobial Agents: A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective” on 01-08-2023. The symposium will be presented by international and national experts in the field, who will probe into the latest breakthroughs in fighting infectious diseases. Upon participation, you will :

  • Discover cutting-edge research on innovative antimicrobial compounds, their design, synthesis, and mechanism of action.
  • Explore the potential of next-generation drugs to combat drug-resistant pathogens and the strategies to enhance their efficacy.
  • Engage in stimulating discussions with renowned scientists and broaden your knowledge of medicinal chemistry advancements.

Invited participants are: academics from national universities; 4th and 5th year GUC Pharmacy and Biotechnology students. 

Registration and attendance is free of charge. For registration, please, click here or scan the following QR code.

Registration is complete only when you receive a confirmation email.



9:00-10:00Registration (Hall H13) 
Prof. Dr. Peter Imming
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abadi
Welcome speech and introduction
10:30 -11:00Prof. Dr. Peter Imming (MLU), GermanyAntimycobacterial Benzothiazinones: Synthesis, Molecular Mechanism of Action, Open Issues
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abadi (GUC), Egypt
Inhibitors of NS5A Protein as Highly Potent Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Agents
11:30-12:00Dr. Reem Fathallah, University of Saarland, GermanyPyrrolidinediones as novel MurA inhibitors
Dipl.-Pharm. Lea Mann (MLU), Germany
Assay Development and Characterization against Mycobacterium abscessus
12:30-12:45Dr. Rana Abdelaziz (MLU), GermanyAnalysis of the Binding of Imidazopyridine Amides to Mycobacterium smegmatis CIII2CIV2 Respiratory Complex and in vitro Antimycobacterial Activity
12:45-13:00M. Sc. Paul Palme (MLU), GermanySynthesis of Squaramides as Selective Inhibitors of Mycobacterial Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Synthesis Microbiological
13:00-13:15Dr. Adrian Richter (MLU) , GermanyAssay Development for Mycobacterium abscessus and Initial in vitro Characterisation of the Synthetic RNA Polymerase Inhibitor MMV688845
13:15-13:30Dipl.-Pharm. Markus Lang (MLU), GermanySynthesis and in vitro Profiling of Phenylalanine Amides as Actives against Nontuberculous Mycobacteria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis
13:30- 14:00Prof. Dr. Abdelrahman S. Mayhoub, Zewail City for Science and TechnologyDevelopment of Phyenylthiazole Antibiotics
14:30-15:00 Concluding remarks and end of the symposium