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Internship for DSB school students

post date: 6/29/2022
In   Community Service, Wednesday, June 01, 2022  to Saturday, June 01, 2024
On Campus - GUC

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology organized Practical internship program for students of the Deutsche Schule Der Borromarinnen (DSB) in Cairo for two consecutive weeks in June 2022 that was attended by 20 students of 10th grade. The students had practical hands-on experience in the laboratories of the faculty in different pharmaceutical disciplines such as chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, phytochemistry, drug design and microbiology. They have also participated in different social activity with youth of special needs supported by the GUC Support Center. The DSB students presented their most liked activity in the last day of the program and they rated the internship as an exceptional unique experience in real laboratories and were excited about the scope of pharmaceutical studies.