Course Description


PHBT 401

Introduction to Biotechnology

1 lecture hours

1  ECTS credits



It is a multidisciplinary course equipping the 4th semester students with basic biotechnology and advanced applications of genetic engineering in different fields including medicine and pharmacy with emphasis on gene cloning such as human insulin production in bacteria, gene therapy and nanotechnology. In agriculture; as in crop production, microbial pesticides, disease-resistant transgenic plants, ice-minus bacteria, and edible vaccines. In the environment; to solve problems associated pollution by using genetically engineered organisms such as the superbug to remove waste materials from the environment. The course helps students to choose between the two study programs, pharmacy or biotechnology, and whether to graduate as a pharmacist or biotechnologist. It also helps the students to get acquainted with what they need to know about biotechnology which will affect their decision in pursuing future career in biotechnology and in completing their study to get Master and Ph.D. degrees in any of the biotechnology fields.



1 Introduction to biotechnology 2 Gene cloning: tools and techniques 3 Cloning and expression of insulin gene in bacteria 4 Agricultural applications of biotechnology 5 Environmental applications of biotechnology 6 Medical applications of biotechnology 7 Misuse of biotechnology (bioterrorism)


Course Editions

Spring 2017
Spring 2016
Spring 2014