Course Description


PHBL 303

Pharmacognosy I

2 lecture hours
1 exercise hours
3 practical hours
7  ECTS credits




Medicinal plants and natural products, their classification, geographical distribution, cultivation, collection and preparation, drying, processing and storage, standardization, adulteration of crude drugs. Detection, major active constituents and use of medicinal plants. Macro- and micro-morphological characteristics of certain organized drugs, including Pharmacopoeial monographs. Natural products: biosynthesis, chemistry and pharmaceutical/medical utilization. Metabolism of major/pharmaceutically relevant components in plants and ecologic factors of development. Studies of commercial starches, powders occurring naturally, spores, hairs and fibers, calcium oxalate crystals, oils, and cell contents related to herbal drugs (morphological and histological examination, and chemical identification, leaves, flowers, seeds, barks and woods).


Course Editions

Winter 2016
Winter 2015
Winter 2012
Winter 2011