Pharmacy and Biotechnology

In response to the current huge global need of discovery and unearthing of new techniques and technologies that could face today’s human challenges in health and medicine, the role of educational & research institutions allover the world is getting bigger. The GUC as one of the most rapidly growing institutions in the field of education is considered as counterpart in the forefront of science, pharmacy and biotechnology through its intellectual role and academic function.

The faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology at the GUC is aiming at providing the necessary knowledge, hand-on training and know-how techniques to our students, conducting basic sciences courses, main and specialized Pharmacy courses as well as Biotechnology courses, which allow them to carry out research studies in a very young age through its fully-equipped undergraduate and research laboratory. Those students are put in the beginning of an academic pathway towards a successful career and a successful input to the society. Our students are prepared to delve into the society being future researchers who are able to take the global challenges and apply their academic knowledge in real practical experience and serving the globe by inventing and innovating better solutions that could guarantee a better world.

The Faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology at the GUC is committed to the creation, expansion and perpetuation of knowledge through its teaching facilities, research and scholarship programs. The activities conducted at the faculty fulfill a longstanding obligation to the community by expanding the understanding of the scientific concepts; exploring human health advanced techniques and developing the know-how practices and technological innovations that power human hygiene through pharmaceutical advancement, which lead to the phase of improving the quality of a life through a student’s educational enrichment. Students act as active participants in a proficient community consisting of professors, TAs as well as students services providers, thereby facilitating a life-long, research-centered mode of learning.

Creation, expansion and continuation of knowledge is constantly being realized through the efforts of the faculty members whose effective intellectual contribution through the different committees they’re involved in, such as Curricula development, Accreditation, Advising, Safety, and many others. This commitment remains true to the core values and to the advancement of the faculty.

Our GUC students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities from academic courses taught by prominent professors through opportunities for research and scientific debates to an extraordinary breadth of extracurricular activities.

Through multidisciplinary research and teaching facilities, the faculty initiates recent and up-to-date pathway towards developed human health. This initiative offers our academic members and students opportunities for collaboration across disciplines that will be a key to future advances. By participating in internship programs and research stays in Germany students experience the real meaning of cultural and intellectual thinking. Many students become involved in research or develop their own projects at a very young age and therefore they could discover the excitement of being at the edge of a field and advancing the frontier of knowledge.