Organization of Study Program:
  • The faculty of Pharmacy & Biotechnology grants an Egyptian Bachelor of Science degree and an International Master of Science degree in Pharmacy. Additionally, the faculty grants after 8 semesters a Bachelor of Science degree and after 11 semesters an International Master degree in Biotechnology. The basic scientific foundation courses are shared in both study tracks the first four semesters, where after the student has the option to select his preferred pathway. The study program in Pharmacy follows the "German Approbationsordnung"
  • For the Biotechnology study program, a Bachelor thesis has to be done as part of the Bachelor Examination. Details about the mode and the extent are determined by the Examination Regulations.
  • As for international accreditation, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology received the accreditation from the Accreditation Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN) for both Bachelor and Master programs of Biotechnology
Begin of the Program and Curriculum
  1. The courses of the program studies will be offered in a way that the beginning of the studies in the winter semester is recommended.
  2. The chronological structure of the studies, the correlation of the courses as well as their extent result from the exemplary process plan given in the Annexe.

Pharmacy graduates are registered at the Syndicate of Egyptian Pharmacists.